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Learning English Is Fun

Learning English is fun. I started to teach officially at STIKes Santo Borromeus when STIKes Santo Borromeus was formally moved to Kota Baru Parahyangan Padalarang, Parahyangan Street, Kav 8 Block B No.1. I used to join the Elti Gramedia team when I taught at STIKes Santo Borromeus, Dago. Thus meeting new students from all over Indonesia has been my journeying joy.    
Everytime I enter a classroom for a session, I always have a positive overlook that all students are talented. Their being here, at STIKes Santo Borromeus is a proof of their being blessed. I invite each and every student to write something. The topic of writing would be free. Writing exercise so far has proven to be an effective vehicle or means to be more self confidence in practicing English fluently.
Slowly but surely, more and more students go extra miles to challenge themselves to write something in English. I have been witnessing a heartwarming enthusiasm to write and converse in proper English. Last but not least, I try to do things wholeheartedly.        
May this little sharing would be a spark of light in the night. Enjoy...         
- Mr. Yustinus Budianto
(English lecturer at STIKes Santo Borromeus)