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Students Exchanges 2018, Live In Suratthani, Southern Thailand

Having an opportunity to go to higher education or to become a student is a fortune. Being a student who has a global insight is fortunate multiple times. STIKES Santo Borromeus is very understanding about it, and the vision to produce human beings with global insight is one of  goals that they can get with Student Exchange activities. Currently STIKES Santo Borromeus sent 10 students and accompanied by 2 lecturers to learn about nursing in Southern Thailand in Suratthani Province. This can be done because of the good cooperation between STIKes Santo Borromeus and Boromarajonani College of Nursing (BCN) Suratthani. This is the third time STIKes Santo Borromeus send students and lecturers to BCN to know more about nursing in Thailand. This SE activity lasts from May 26 to June 1, 2018. In addition to explore the knowledge and experiences surrounding community, maternity, and mental nursing, they also had the opportunity to get to know the local culture and exchange experiences about student organizations, research and efforts to produce innovation work in nursing. Hopefully, students and lecturers too, if you have returned to STIKES Santo Borromeus will be able to have the global insight as dreamed.

We start our journey on 25th Mei, 2018 from our campus to Soekarno Hatta International Airport then departed to Don Mueang Internatioal Airport, Bangkok, Thailand. Borromarajonani College of Nursing Suratthani is in Suratthani City which is the capital of Southern Thailand Province and it took an hour from Don Mueang International Airport. We actually didn’t expect BCN Students and lecturers have waited for us and they even made a banner and gathered us in one room for welcoming us.


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Sunday, 27th May, 2018 we started our activity in BCN and Ms. Wirja (one of the BCN Lecturer) suggested us to observed their culture by join The Vishaka Bucha Day, the most important Buddhist holiday in Thailand commemorating three key events in the life of Buddha. Our activity continued to visited Naibang Community. The Naibang’s people are very friendly that makes us feel at home. There was a market consist of traditional foods, extreme foods, drinks, clothes, and home-made accessories. . We also rode a boat trough Tapee river and used the Thailand’s traditional cap.

The next place we visited Praw Thai. Praw Thai is a family company which is produces virgin coconut oil and another products made by coconut such as soap, lotion, balsam, massage oil, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, moisturizer, body scrub, mouth wash, foot spa, hair serum, mosquito lotion, whitening cream, etc. The owner of the company taught us how to make the products. So we can also make it at home and be an entrepreneur. We also tried traditional game with coconut shell which similar to the game in our country called enggrang batok.  Our next trip was Mangrove Forest. Government supports the development of mangrove forest as well. As we see, the great improvement and the development of mangrove forest every year. It was a wonderful experience and its still continued.

PCU in Suratthani is one of the place that we learned about community nursing. We were devided into two groups and came to the patient’s house to observe them. We were so excited and we could learn about the psychiatry patient and their family. We have 4 patients and they are diagnozed with schizophrenia. Every patient has different sign and sympthom like flat face, no eyes contact, mood swing and etc. Also every patient has different etiologies like depression, accident or injury and genetic. We think the treatment of psychiatry patient is similar with patient with hypertention because it will be sustainable. We Learned and observed Thailand has a good community nursing because they have a lot of activities to go outside and come to the patient’s home. They try to improve about promoting and preventing. It is supported by goverment so well. Their health intervention and programs about psychiatry or community are better than our country.


There still more, don’t miss it !

- Student Exchange 2018 team